3D Printing Service
3D Printing Service
Simplify the way you design
3D scan
3D scan
Make your object digital
Filaments and Accessories
Filaments and Accessories
3D printing is able to create any three-dimensional model starting from an object designed with CAD / CAM software.
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The 3D scanner allows the reproduction of an object, a statue, a spare part no longer available on the market using linear patterns
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Each filament has its own technical characteristic that best suits the object to be printed. Consult the technical specifications of the materials for the 3D printing service.
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3D printing and scanning service

The 3D printing service allows the three-dimensional realization of the prototype designed with CAD / CAM software.

What are the advantages of the 3D printing service?

Realization of prototypes in a short time
Optimization of the project
Reduction of costs and production times
Reduction of internal production processes

Our Italian company based in Florence offers companies, professionals, individuals and public bodies the 3D printing service with FDM (Fused Filament Fabrication) technology with construction dimensions up to 1.4 Mt and a wide variety of materials to satisfy the the technical needs of the prototype better.

We also offer the 3D scanning service with structured light lasers capable of converting an object (with dimensions up to 2 Mt) into a digital file.

Maximum security is guaranteed in the transmission of your files and the signing of a confidentiality agreement / non-disclosure of data.
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For technical information on the feasibility of the file to be printed or to request clarifications on the 3D printing service, our technicians are available for a free evaluation.
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Clarifications and guidelines for the correct submission of the 3D print and 3D scan file. File review by one of our technicians included in the price.

3D Printing Service and 3D Scans


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